Project platform

meeting point and collaboration

Sharing media and data with a self-chosen group of DNA members

The platform is open to all members. Each project is started and maintained by a member. The initiator is given the status 'Moderator'. The Moderator invites the participants and is primarily responsible for the agenda. All participants get access to project data such as Agenda, Tasks, Documents, etc. Each individual participant can initiate a project and invite colleagues to a collaborative project.
After the end of a project, the data is retained, orderly archive and available for reference, publication or research.

The type of project is determined by the Moderator. A project may be the development process of an exhibition, performance, or any other chosen project type.

The project platform acts as a meeting place and collector of data provided by the project participants.
In this way, a large amount of historical or current data is collected by various artists, witnesses and researchers in the most efficient way.

The corona crisis has increased the need to communicate remotely. Video Conferences can be documented and archived if appropriate. The project membership provides access to the internal video conferencing function and email exchange within the project group.
Project members can compile work groups, share data and make Video conference calls. All types of projects, processes and partnerships can be initiated and documented in this way.

Note: manuals are available at the opening page after login.