managing your digital archive

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Your private archive

DNA offers a flexible membership contribution.
Organizations that use the archive contribute in proportion to their size.
Individual users can participate based on their usage or financial capabilities 

The DNA membership offers a Pay Per Use model.

- Management of data in your own private digital safe

- Platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing

- Private archive for companies, ad hoc projects and independent creatives

- Publication of your own selected work

- Direct link from archive to your own website 

- Cross border projects and network membership


Consultation about a step-by-step plan for your tailor-made archive
Easy start with 24/7 support and webinars by appointment




DNA will help you to choose the best membership type, from basic to extended

From private collection inventory to a complete collection management system that provides modules such as documentation, loan prodecures and contracts, sales, library and workflow.

To start a membership, we kindly request to use the registration form and we will then contact you to discuss the best options for you:

describe your wishes, needs or terms of references





*) private digital safe
Data vaults in which everyone stores their individual data. You can then decide for yourself with whom you share it, and under what conditions. offers private data vaults that can be used private or shared if appropriate.