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the dynamic archive -bottom up- structure

The dynamic archive (DNA) online archive founded July 2019
Following our 2019 pilot project and the official opening of the digital archive for individual artists, designers and creators of all kinds, the DNA platform will be further developed according to the wishes of our users. 

All people & organizations listed in our database have free access to their Profile Page to provide picture/logo, biography and links to exhibitions, performances and other relevant external data. The people listed in our directory origins from public databases. I.a. the Dutch Theater Foundation, Theatre Academies, designers and independent artists groups, extended with new private subscriptions. 
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In the first year, 310 events were documented and enriched with a total of 3012 visuals related to these events.
Other users documented 35 exhibitions, 860 photo inventories, 150 documents and share data in 43 projects.

Please note that the information uploaded by the members can only be found and used for research if the creator gives explicit permission for publication. Some important work or documentation is of course kept private by its owner, only selected work is shown publicly or open for research. E.g.: projects are only shared with the participating members of the project and only key data will be public after consent of all participants.
All uploaded data is owned by the member and can be exported or downloaded upon request.

The advantage of the bottom-up structure of the archive is that not only a fixed amount of artwork is archived in a short period of time, but it also offers the creator a platform to show recent and important work to colleagues, students and the general public.
For example: visit the Rien Bekkers costume design catalogue

Images and documents can be displayed on our platform and on the creator's own website simultaneously, all directly generated from the raw data as uploaded in the archive.

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11. A:V opname iPhone from DNA editorial on Vimeo.